Employer Owned On/ Near Site Facilities

If you have 1,500 or more employees, this just may be the plan that is best for your organization.

If you are a smaller organization, this plan may still work. We can help you find (or maybe you already know) other businesses that will band together with you to make a total of 1,500+ employees.

No matter how we get to 1,500 employees, you may be able to participate in a program where health providing facilities are established on or near your facility. With one of our exclusive offerings for larger or combined businesses, our “On or Near Site Health Care Clinics” could potentially reduce your annual claims by millions of dollars. What we have also seen is that furnishing health care with this type of arrangement will not only continue to provide medical care to your employees, but it could be furnished at higher levels than where most currently receive coverage.

We are happy to share reports that reflect ROI as much as 70% the first year. Employee ratings show the highest satisfaction for this form of health care. The program is self-funded and fully insured.

As an employer, you can potentially save millions!!

Facilities include:

  • Proactive wellness physician care
  • Holistic or traditional care
  • Private health coaches
  • Prescription dispensing
  • We have many helpful webinars available
  • We have Associates Nationwide