We are proud to serve the nation’s employer community with a focused set of health care options that both enhance your bottom line and help you take control of your employees’ health care needs. Because we understand the changing health care environment, we will help you navigate the waters. HRB offers the best highly competitive and affordable options available in the industry.

Our Process

We work closely with your HR team to tailor a comprehensive strategy specific to your unique requirements and situation.  We will apply our over 25 years of combined industry experience to identify the best health care solution to meet your particular needs. The results could range from a set of minimal services under the law, to a robust and overarching plan that will allow you to offer a very competitive and enticing benefits package to employees that will not break your bottom line. Our plans meet all government regulations and will help your organization enlist new employees, while retaining existing employees more effectively than your competition. We will keep you and your team informed and educated to avoid penalties and fees.

All of this while keeping costs down and your sanity up.

What happens in Year 2?

Once your plan is in place, we work with you and your employees to make sure all aspects of the plan are understood and operational. As we approach the second year, we will engage our actuarial team to review your claims experience. With this knowledge in hand and the actuarial tables available for Major Insurance Carrier review, we walk in the rate negotiation door in a much better position than you have ever been before. Insurance companies trust that we have done our homework and know that we know what is going on with your account. Because of this, we inform the companies what the premium rates should be rather than the other way around. This puts your organization in the driver’s seat with total control over costs based on your specific group. This process continues year after year, helping keep rate increases to an absolute minimum.

National renewal rates are typically 10% to 30%.  Our programs average single digit renewals! We achieve this by pooling the buying power and taking control back from the carriers. Our actuarial team is in place to justify how our clients should be treated at renewal time based on their claims.

Benefits to take you into the future, bottom line to keep you there!

Our Health Care services are predominately focused on employers with 20 or more employees. However, we will work with any group in need of affordable health care services. If you are not ready for a plan, but are interested in looking into the Health Care Crystal Ball, we offer a wide range of consulting services to determine the right set of questions to ask, aiding you as you define the health care and benefits offering that makes the most sense for your organization.

Summary of Services

Our health care services fall into four main groups. Click on the tabs to learn more.