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With over 20 years experience in the insurance and finance industry National Group Health Alliance, LLC is able to bring more affordable and attractive group health offerings to Municipalities, Private Sector Employers and Associations.

There are various proprietary programs that are available through our direct broker relationships. Proprietary programs include Level/Self Funded, Comprehensive, Mec and Union programs.

Fully insured traditional carrier complete market analysis available through our in house Advisors along with our proprietary options.

Call now for a cost analysis or to set your association up to bring current members better group health coverage options and attract new members!

Proprietary Programs

1099 Group Options for Medical /Dental / Vison / Life

Customized Mec Plans 

Union Programs

Traditional Options

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Provide Your Employees With an innovative Level-Funded Medical Plan

Over the years and despite the efforts of the insurance companies, employers continue to experience unsustainable health premium increases combined with little to no access to claims information. With this program, our goal is to put employer groups back in control and provide a solution that lends long-term cost stabilization, preserves benefits, and brings transparency to employers and their advisor partners with actionable data to drive benefits strategy.

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